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How things come to play with us .

1. your number One with us and for most , your needs mean alot to us . So we try all we can to meet them .

2. The best . As you are number One with us we want you to have our best work and your best Photographs . This means alot to us .

3 .  We want you to ask . We are here to help and to hear your needs and wants . we want you to feel free to ask us if there is any thing you do not understand are need . We want to help you  fill your needs and plans . This is  why we are here , To understand  your needs and wants and  do all we can to fill them . So we want and need your input this helps us make your dreams come true .

4 . cost We do all we can to give you the best price by keeping cost down as much as we can  but we will not for sake quilty to do it , what dose this mean .

We have pride in what we produce and sale to you . We will not cut cost at the point of saleing junk . This is not us and never will be here at Dusty Road Photos . If this is  what your looking for Please go else where . I refuse to sale cheap products that are trash and put my name on it for the sake of saveings to use to lower the price to get a job . Why ?  I would not want  some one saleing me junk . If I hang it on my wall in my home I want it to look good and you should to , so that is what we want to give you .

5.  What do we do , we do events , children , family groups , sports , grads ,Landscapes , matting , frameing . pets , and more .

6. IS it free NO .  What is Free mean . Free means you get your buddy with there cell Phone to shoot your wedding and the Color is all off that is free . Free is calling Bob next door because he has a snap and shoot camra and you run to wheel mart  to find out every Photo they took is worng and theres a dog in the Photo you do not know  this is free . We color test all are screens here every 4 weeks  with a tool , we all so color check are camras Yes thats  right , this tool is not cheap  but it dose a wounderfull job , we all so look at ever shoot we took eary frame not one time but 3 times  . We then edite them to get the best of out of ever Photo we take . Then your Photos are sent to or web Gallery where you can have it open to any one are locked to just you and your family to share . Then  We send your picks to or Pro Lab  Not just andy lab are fly by night printing place at the home town store  But a Pro Lab where there work stands out above the rest and the word PRO means the Best for your money .  

7. There is  alot more that goes in to takeing good Photograhs  then this this is  the short tearms , theres school theres books , theres computers and high prist softwear , theres lenses that are not cheap and alot more .

8. So what dose this all mean to you  you get Good Photos to last a life time  to pass on to your kids .

This all so means you get  what you pay for .

Cheap is cheap expect nothing more

Great Quilty work  is just that and it is not free .

Reamber I said we have Pride in our work  . We all so care about you when you come to us as we want you to have  great work done by us and walk away with a smile on your face , because IF your happy we are happy and all are hard work has payed off .  But make no misstake  we wil never be the man next door with a snap and shoot are a cell phone  for no one this is just not how we click are shutter .

So if this is you looking for the best  call  us , If your looking for junk Photographs  call Joe next  door .

dustyroadphotos@hotmail.com (Dusty Road Photos By Johnny) http://dustyroadphotosbyjohnny.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/trusting-in-us-with-your-photographs Mon, 14 Jul 2014 17:08:02 GMT
The Holidays will be apone us before we know it . http://dustyroadphotosbyjohnny.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/9/the-holidays-will-be-apone-us-before-we-know-it  We Love what we do here its one of the things we enjoy the most is Photography . We like to think we do are best by making you #1 and that is the way we want it to be You come first in what we do . Yes where small  but we like it this way . Why you may ask ? Because we want  every one that comes to use to be #1 in or book , we want it to be about you , your needs , your wants . If we where big with a lot of clients  coming say 150 are more a day I my self would not feel right , because there is no way I could give 150 people the personal needs  I would want to and there for it would not be all about you and I would feel I had lost touch with my Clients  . This is not what I want  I would close if this took place feeling I would not be doing just to the people  . Now you see why I say when you come to  us its about you and your needs this I feel is our job and not just a job but our love  is seeing people walk away happy  in knowing they felt at home with us doing there Photography work for them .  so drop us a call email , come in . we do framing , matting , children , family's , sports  , seniors , weddings , pets and family gatherings.  We have any thing you would want  in Prints  , posters , large or small , wraps are not  we have it .  

As I talked about the holidays are coming  so drop us a line a email . cards make good gifts to mail out and so much more .

dustyroadphotos@hotmail.com (Dusty Road Photos By Johnny) http://dustyroadphotosbyjohnny.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/9/the-holidays-will-be-apone-us-before-we-know-it Sat, 21 Sep 2013 17:01:27 GMT